Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lying in bed, one leg out of the covers one leg in. I hear the pitter patter of rain on my window, I'm going to love today, that is something that I can gather from this small bit of the morning. Its not too warm in this room and not too cold, that specific temperature that makes you feel sleepy and comfortable, a drug to the bodies of worn out people. Should I get up? I need to get up. What should I wear? Why should I care? Oh yeah that's right because our school has a strict no shoulder showing or leg bearing policy. I slowly take my blankets off, slowly because if you just throw off the blankets and get up the sleepy happy feeling will wear off, you have to be gentle in movements. I place one foot on the floor at a time, the floor is the same temperature as the rest of the room, I smile. Now even my feet can continue to feel that sleepy numb feeling. My room has been cleaned, sure I appreciate that but now where is all my stuff? Dresser drawers are dark at 6 in the morning and I won't turn on the light, that would ruin the sleepy morning effect, I grab my jeans that I folded up last night and put on top of the dresser last night. Now for the shirt and all those things that go with the ensemble, I grab a shirt, black, one of my staples when it comes to my wardrobe. It's fitted and feels soft to the skin, there is a cute little monster on the front that says "I only come out at night.". I like this shirt, though I usually wear it when I go to bed because in my mind I can "let him come out at night". Jeans are on and I go to the hallway mirror, that mirror has seen me in it many times. I can remember after going school shopping that I would put on my new clothes and parade around in front of it. I remember that when I was little I took my moms lipstick and put it on then kissed the mirror, a bright red stain on the glass. We cleaned it off, of course, but over the years I have every once in the while did the same thing. I turn around and go into my moms room, all my make up is in there because her mirror is just the right size that it can fit my whole face into its mirror without enlarging or distorting it.  I put on black eyeliner and a bronze colored mascara, but unusually enough the bronze doesn't look bronze on my eyelashes. When I put on my make up in the morning I always notice that my eyes always look superlatively green, they are like glass marbles, not completely one shade of green, flecks of brown and gold here and there. But that will wear off by my first class period while the golden brown will take over and you would need to be looking directly into my eyes before realizing that they are green. The sleepy feeling has worn off now slowly, working from the top of my scalp, making my hair feel tight and weary, down my neck, stiffening it so when I turn my head I feel pain, into my chest and abdomen and finally to my legs and feet. However the very tip of my big toes never wears off, I feel like the feeling just takes a back seat in my toe until I am going to bed at night, wherein it decides to slowly make its way up my legs to my abdomen, through my chest and neck and to my scalp. Good morning everyone, I hope that your mornings are as good as mine has been... so far. :)

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