Friday, September 3, 2010

I lay my head to rest ....on the lawn

I plug my buds into my ear

Walking across the lawn there is a stillness yet a beat
I find a place, there I lay for now

Resting my head I close my eyes and take a breath

Open again, there the world is

above me an indigo sky looms

One lone star pricks the sky and draws all attention upon itself

Soft, sweet wind blows, the trees rustle in jubilation
Slowly I watch as the sky grows darker, the songs in my ear grow more powerful

I feel like singing aloud

My lungs swell with the want of song, but what a spectacle I would make
So I swallow the song and let the dreams of another day take me away

I grab the grass and fear to ever let go

Because the sky looks so big and wanting

If I let go I may drift away into the clouds and the stars

Then I let go

I let myself free, I drift into the world that I can only dream about

Then I remember that I am still laying on my patch of grass

nestled in the arms of the earth

The grass tickles my nose and tangles in my hair

And I know that there is nowhere that I would rather be

* the song that I am referring to that I am listening to is Kings and Queens by 30 seconds to Mars* 

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