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Friday, January 14, 2011

Where's the damn coffee??

No alarm for me, a whisper and a shake
I lay half awake, and think to myself there had better be some coffee
I should know better, after you wake me up you go back to sleep, no coffee for me
I lay half awake, knowing I should get up, but I don't, there is no coffee
You knock on the wall thinking I am not conscious, but I am
I get up, tripping dazedly over my messy crowded room and somehow landing in my jeans
I walk down the stairs and through the still sleeping house
waking it up with the occasional surrogate sunlight of a lamp
In the kitchen is where I stand, looking into this empty cup in my hand
An empty coffee pot is what i see, where in the hell is the coffee?

What motivates anyone to get up in the morning? for me it is coffee and the assurance of learning something from the day.

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